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Speed and Reliability in Cheap Laptops

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Since many of our visitors are looking for the best used laptops under $200 we wanted to take a moment and look at some of the processors in many of them. Computers are important to most of us, and using them is part of our everyday lives whether it is for work or pleasure. Reliability is one aspect of laptops which is imperative yet so is speed and performance. Even watching movies or surfing the web should be able to be done reliably and efficiently.

The processors in laptops are nearly always going to be made by either Intel or AMD. There are many high end processors today such as the Intel Core i7 which is great for high end video editing and extreme gaming, yet they are found in very expensive laptop computers. The AMD higher end processors such as the Phenom II are common among expensive laptops as well. Most people however realize that it is not necessary to own a computer with such high end and expensive processors when the work that most of need to accomplish can be done with more reasonably priced cheap laptops for sale under 200 dollars which use other powerful CPUs.

The variety of processors found in the various laptops under 200 can range from the Pentium III to dual cores and quads. Many of the cheap laptops designed around the Intel Pentium 4 are great examples of solid, tried and true processors which can deliver not only the necessary speed and reliability, but the cost saving advantages as well.

The practical solution for home and business users is to consider the benefit of buying a cheaper used laptop and getting some of the high end features while saving on the greatly reduced price tag. With so many laptops designed in recent years being fully capable of doing all of the multimedia and multitasking required by business and recreational computer users it just makes sense to take advantage of them, thus saving on the out of pocket expenses to own one.