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Laptop Buying Guide: First look at the Basics

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

There are many similarities to what you should look for in a laptop versus a desktop computer, yet there are also some important aspects of the laptop that you should consider specifically. This information should help you out in the basics and hopefully answer some common questions as well. With a focus on the primary capabilities, such as everyday usage, this will help you when it comes time to actually making the final buying decision.

Obviously laptops are portable versions of the personal computer. Since these devices are portable they have the ability to function on battery power as well as from the power adapter being plugged into the electrical wall socket. This is ultimately the appeal of anything from $200 laptops to the most expensive models available. If you have ever had to spend your entire day sitting in front of a stationary computer, then you will likely be able to appreciate the versatility of being able to go portable.

CPU or Processor

The first component we will consider is the processor (Central Processing Unit). The speed of this will have a major role in how fast the laptop will perform everything from the most basic commands to ultra resource intensive gaming. The speed is measured in GHz and has been for the last decade or so. Before this, processor speed was measured in MHz. One common example today is the dual core designs such as the Intel Core 2 Duo. If you are looking for a basic cheap laptop that is perfect for daily computing needs, then you will likely find either Intel or AMD processors in the 1.5GHz range and upwards in the laptops under 200 dollars. The actual speed will often be 2.0GHz and above, yet this merely provides better performance during multi-tasking for most people.

RAM or System Memory

The next component we will look at is the system memory. This is commonly referred to as the RAM and actually has nothing to do with the hard drive. Many people will consider the hard drive to be the memory yet it is not. The RAM is considered temporary storage since the data only resides in it during actual usage and will be cleared out upon rebooting or shutting the computer down. The hard drive is the permanent storage and the data here will remain intact until it is intentionally deleted.

When looking different laptops, think of the RAM as what will determine how many software programs that you can run at the same time without bogging down the performance of the laptop. These days you will want to have at least 512MG of system memory, RAM, if you are running Windows XP. If you are running a newer operating system such as Vista or Windows 7 then you should have at least 1GB of system memory.

Easy Upgrade

One final tip in this installment of our laptop buying guide series is that many of the used laptops under 200 can have the amount of system memory upgraded if necessary. This can be quite an affordable upgrade and is relatively simple to perform, although utilizing a qualified technician is recommended.

Simple Laptop Maintenance Helps Prevent Issues

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

There are certainly plenty of simple laptop fixes which can range from software upgrades to replacing a power adapter. These are often resolved by the laptop owner themselves since they do not require any knowledge of the components within the computer itself. Simple issues can occur on a regular basis due to commonly known problems with software like viruses and spyware, which in many instances can be cured by the laptop user with the proper antispyware programs. Yet even these basic situations can lead to the realization that there is something going on which will require further investigation.

Then there are those instances where you know that it is absolutely imperative that further testing of the variables be done, preferably by a competent laptop technician to narrow down the potential causes for the issue. This means avoiding jumping to conclusions too quickly when troubleshooting a laptop issue, specifically as far as a hardware diagnosis goes.

One such advanced laptop issue we occasionally see is when the laptop is suffering from a dim, or all around too dark of a display screen. It can be very easy for the technician to assume that this is merely a bad laptop inverter, yet further investigation is highly recommended in some instances. This is an opportunity to look other possibilities such as the inverter cable and the bulb for the backlight as well. In any good repair shop or center that works on used laptops there will be available to the technicians several known good parts. These provide the tech with the ability to test a specific suspected bad part and help determine the cause of the problem. In this case simply using the known good laptop parts to test the faulty laptop can determine relatively quickly if the culprit is a bad inverter or inverter cable for example.

The same would be true if it were necessary to test the actual laptop LCD panel or the motherboard. The reality is that we have seen each of these laptop components wind up being the culprit in the case of a too dim or too dark of a laptop LCD display screen. While these situations occur far less frequently the spyware issues for example, proper maintenance can greatly improve the life span of any of the cheap laptops for sale under 200 just as it can for brand new laptops under 200. Whether you have a used laptop or a new mini laptop you should perform regular maintenance on the computer which involves keeping your antivirus and antispyware programs up to date, your operating system updated and keeping your laptop clean as well.

Proper Care can Increase the Lifespan of Laptops

Monday, July 19th, 2010

When you look at a laptop computer it might seem like there is not a whole lot of room for all of the components to fit inside of the case. This observation is correct as there is in reality only a very limited amount of space within any laptop computer. The engineering, although often quite varied among different models, is frequently a true wonder at how the actual components fit together inside of the case.

The reality is that there is room enough for an impressive list of parts all carefully placed within the laptop. One interesting thing to note is how these components are removed when necessary. For example the motherboard is a common part which needs replaced in many computers. However in laptops this often means that the technician will have to literally completely dismantle the laptop in order to replace the motherboard. Due to the fact that so much is so precisely fit within this area, it definitely pays to be familiar with the various makes and models so that when it comes time to put everything back together again, the laptop technician will successfully accomplish this procedure.

A smooth running device at a fair price is the goal of many shoppers looking for a used laptop under 200 dollars today. In reality computers are fully capable of lasting many long years and providing exceptional performance, which ultimately amounts to their long term value for the owner of the computer. When properly cared for there is often a high probability that the device will do just that. Computers are meant to process commands very quickly thus using them a lot is precisely what they are designed for. Taking a little extra time to keep them clean from dust and debris, as well as keeping the viruses and malware in check, should help to prolong the lifespan of not only laptops but many other devices as well.

Inside Laptops not for Everyone

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Everyone experiences computer problems from time to time and many people are especially exasperated with laptop problems. This is understandable because the laptop computer is a totally different machine in many respects.

It is certainly true that a laptop computer is still just a computer but the fact is that if you had to work on one then the similarities come to a screeching halt once it comes time to getting inside the case. This should not really be much of a concern for the majority of laptop owners out there because they will likely not ever have to open up a laptop so that is the good thing.

However the fact remains that no matter what your computer is whether it’s a brand new desktop or one of the many used laptops under 200 available the fact remains that it is susceptible to all of the computer woes that exist today. This could be spyware or a virus. This could potentially be hardware but at least you won’t have to worry about getting inside the case if it is. This is always best left to a competent laptop technician.