Cheap Laptops Hard Drives Performance

The latest sizes of laptop hard drives have been increasing steadily to the point which they are capable of holding much more than anyone could have imagined only a few short years ago. Many people are actually fairly familiar with hard drives which are found in desktop computers. They are the familiar large silver block looking thing that really is not all that interesting to look at due to the fact that most of the interesting components are to be found inside of the enclosure.

The hard drives found in any of the cheap laptops for sale under 200 dollars are going to be the same basically with one big difference and that is the actual size of the physical drive itself. Just because the used laptops under 200 are not as expensive as new ones for example does not mean that the hard drives are any different. The best way to understand the basics is to realize that these days there are basically only two different technologies which you will find in any of these laptops. One is called IDE and it has been around in computers for a very long time. The other is called SATA and it has been around for some time as well but not nearly as long as the IDE technologies.

Either type of these technologies which your laptop was designed around will provide you with essentially the same performance. There is a possibility of an increase in the speed in some instances with the SATA as it is designed to be faster. Technically it is faster but for most users the difference is very hard to detect. If you take good care of your laptop and keep any of the malware off of the hard drive then it will perform at the best performance which it can.

In situations where people are after the super fastest laptops that they can buy which usually cost huge sums of money then they may be the type who is looking to perform highly advanced computing operations. For people looking for a good cheap laptop for under $200 then no matter which technology the hard drive is, as long as the laptop is maintained properly then it can be as responsive as you would expect it to be. A responsive computer is always a pleasure to use.

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